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See, getting traffic is one piece of the equation. Learning how to monetize it is also very helpful. You can charge for sponsorships on your podcast, create membership sites, get coaching clients… it goes on and on.


There are multiple people who have created multi-million dollar businesses from their podcasts.

Many more have created 6-figure businesses.

I wanted you to be able to learn about different monetization strategies, so I searched out 4 of the best in the world at monetizing their podcasts in different ways.


I contacted 4 experts with totally different podcast income streams in order to get the FULL PICTURE on how to make money with podcasts.

I grilled them, asked them all kinds of questions, and ended up with some VERY powerful case studies.


Case study #1: John Lee Dumas
Earned $348,636.81 In His First Full Year


John Lee Dumas started his podcast in September 2012. By 2013, he earned a NET income of $348,636.81. In 2014, his NET income was $2,165,126.50.

I paid $750 to interview John so that I could create this case study.

Some of the things you’ll learn are:

  • Exactly how much money John makes from his podcasts – selling his product, sponsorships, and affiliate income…
  • What John charged for his first few sponsorships
  • A company that will find and pitch sponsors on your behalf (John uses and recommends them — this is a total time saver!)
  • How to grow your audience to 3,000+ downloads per episode consistently
  • How John got major players like Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin to be on his show when he was first starting out
  • What John does when he has an interview that isn’t going so well
  • Part of what John believes is crucial for the iTunes ranking algorithm
  • …and a LOT more.

You’re going to get our case study in both audio and transcript version.

To learn this from John yourself, you’d have to pay $750 (and pray he has room in his schedule to talk).

Case study #2: Don McAllister
Created a membership site with “several thousand members” completely through his podcast

unnamedDon McAllister originally created a podcast as a hobby. Shortly after, he created a membership site, quit his job, and signed up several thousand members to pay him CONSISTENTLY every single quarter (or year).

I interviewed Don extensively to learn:

  • How you can fill up a membership site with several thousand members, 100% from podcast traffic
  • A very effective, unique way that Don got sponsorships when he was starting out
  • How much content to give away for free and how much to keep behind a pay wall
  • A second recurring revenue stream that Don implemented with his podcast (hint: it’s FREE to get started)
  • How Don recommends that YOU get started if you want to have the same business model as him

If you’d like to create a passive income stream like Don has, this is a must-listen.

Case study #3: Michelle Evans
Michelle receives emails from 4-15 people every week from people who want to hire her as a coach.


Michelle Evans started her podcast slightly less than a year ago. Since that time, she’s built a business that has more demand than she can supply.

In our interview, we covered:

  • How to fill up your coaching roster, like Michelle, to the point of capacity
  • How to close 65% of the people who reach out to you from your podcast
  • Exactly what to say in each of your podcasts to get people to reach out to you
  • The #1 change you can make to get people coming to you (Before Michelle implemented this change, all she heard was crickets!)
  • A BRILLIANT tip to get in front of more of your targeted audience – I have never thought of this before and it’s GENIUS.

If you have some kind of a service-based business, this interview is priceless.

Case study #4: Matt Belknap of Never Not Funny
Sells memberships, sponsorships, merchandise, donations, AND event tickets.

MattBelknapIn the last minute, I scored an interview with Matt Belknap. He is a big deal and even has his own Wikipedia entry! 😉

Matt Belknap is in a unique position. He’s the co-host of Never Not Funny (a top 100 comedy podcast) and produces 2 other podcasts. He’s in a network with many other top-rated comedy shows and has a LOT of insight into how to monetize podcasts.

Matt talked about different monetization experiments he tried, how different show hosts use different models, and what is making him the most money right now.

In our interview, we covered:

  • How to get consistent recurring income by creating “premium” podcasts for members only
  • How to get high dollar sponsorships – whether you’re in a large market or a very niched one…
  • How Matt and his network raised $156,088.14 in donations alone this year… (This was an income stream he completely forgot to mention!)
  • How Jimmy Pardo, Matt’s co-host, starting selling more tickets to his comedy shows thanks to his podcast
  • …and a lot more. I grilled Matt for an hour.

Because this was a last minute interview, it will be added within 24 hours of your purchase.

This is an excellent podcast if you want to create recurring income with membership sites, sell merchandise, or sell tickets to events. Matt shared a lot.

This is the stuff I wish I knew before I started my podcast. It would have saved me many hours. I would’ve honestly gladly paid hundreds, if not thousands, to learn this ahead of time.

Luckily you don’t have to worry about that:


This special offer is a huge deal. Talking to John Lee Dumas alone was $750.

I had to go WAY out of my comfort zone to request some of these interviews – as well as pull some strings and special favors. Some of these experts don’t share everything with anyone.

The tips here are pulled from people who are actually making money with their podcasts, which means you learn a lot from people who are actually in the trenches – and save yourself a crazy amount of time.

A more realistic price for this would be $97 or $197, and I’d still be overdelivering in a BIG way.

But you’re a valued customer, and I’m appreciative.

All you have to do is click the “Buy Now” button below and fill out your payment information. You’ll get instant access to everything mentioned above – every single case study.

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PodcastProdigy: How to monetize your podcast

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PodcastProdigy: How to monetize your podcast




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